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mug exchange happening? yes

updated thu 7 dec 06


Carole Fox on wed 6 dec 06

On Tue, 5 Dec 2006 17:22:08 +1100, Graham Mercer

>Hi Fred and others,
>In addition to Lisa's summary I will offer the following to hopefully
>entice participation in the "Stay at Home Clay Exchange" if there is one
>next year.

I coordinated the stay-at-home exchange this year (2006), and Chris
Schafale posted the images to the great online gallery that she has
maintained for several years. I have been in touch with Chris, and she
and I have agreed to do the same for 2007.

I will post an announcement later this week with instructions for
participants. As usual, the actual exchange will take place during the
week of NCECA, March 14-17, 2007, so you will have plenty of time to

Last year's exchange was a lot of fun - 156 items were exchanged. So, if
you're not going to NCECA, start thinking about what you would like to
exchange with another Clayart member.

Look for my post later this week with more info!

Happy trades!
Carole Fox
Dayton, OH