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contact needed in flagstaff

updated fri 8 dec 06


Richard Mahaffey on wed 6 dec 06

One of my best students is transfering to Northern Arizona starting with
the Spring term. He does not have a lot of money and will be in need of
work when he gets settled in.

Anthony is experienced in kiln loading and firing, is an excellent
thrower and has experience slip casting. He is a quick study and is
interested in learning. He knows that by working he will learn the most
and he also knows what it means to have a good work ethic.

Is there anyone in the Flagstaff area who might need an assistant to
help around the studio in that area?
He is also great at yard work and knows a lot about plants and can work
without supervision, so if you or anyone you know might need some help
please contact me off the list and I can put him in touch with you or he
can contact you when he arrives in late January.

Rick Mahaffey
Tacoma Community College
Tacoma, WA, USA