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nceca clayart shirts

updated sat 9 dec 06


Logan Johnson on thu 7 dec 06

Hi Gang,
Dennis(my hubby) & I have done some research & have found a place to get shirts & we talked to the printing shop down the street & if nobody has any objections I would be willing to have some black Clayart shirts made up for Louisville. Dennis & I had the idea to charge $15.00 per shirt to cover costs & whatever money not spent on the shirts would be donated to the Craft Emergency Relief Fund. The donation doesn't have to be from any group or person in particular. What do you say gang ? Should I do it? If the answer is yes & you want to order one write to me off list. If anyone wants to pay for one before necea I sure won't complain but I can't take credit cards . I have no problems taking checks I Probably wont be shipping too many shirts that aren't spoken for to Louiville. My little store isn't doing that well ....yet ! ;oD

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