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mugs/having pots around

updated tue 12 dec 06


joyce lee on mon 11 dec 06

Sandy Miller said:
I changed the way I make handles
all from drinking morning coffee out of
a Josh DeWeese mug I bought at nceca.
My first pot purchase AFTER being on Clayart a
few months, starting a class at the college and
being assigned a mentor by the Art League.... was
from The Archie Bray in Montana. I'd also completed
Robin Hopper's two week Glaze Development=20
workshop on Vancouver Island. My point is that
this was my
first purchase as a slightly-more-enlightened=20
collector of pots than I'd been a few months earlier.

The pot I chose, which is now even more meaningful
to me, was a small juice-type vessel... shino....great
shino.... and curved just so,
making it easy to hold as well as to drink from.......
My New Love had been woodfired with some small
sprinkling of ashes happening in Just Perfect Spots.=20
I didn't
hesitate to pay $18.00 for a "juice glass" which was
worth much more than that to me but to my non-
potter friends seemed like a major dip on my Sanity

At the time I knew zip about woodfiring, much less
leaving your ashes on your pots (for God's sake! Why
wouldn't one grind them off?? Such a dork I was)
I am now proud and grateful that I recognized at least
momentarily the powerful work of such a gifted potter. That's when #1
commented, "I can tell this is the beginning of one of
your Wild and Bumpies, right?" Right.

In the Mojave Desert of California USA