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wood fired/chimney

updated thu 14 dec 06


mel jacobson on wed 13 dec 06

i am sure david will have a fine answer.

the capacity of the chimney must be
more than adequate. make sure it is big enough.
and, the chimney must be tight.
mortar that chimney well.
make sure you have a good damper in place
to close things down tight when you stop firing.

time after time i go out and see folks that
have built a nice kiln and sloppy chimney.

often folks think that broken brick, old warped
brick and such is just fine for the chimney, and
they have gaps inches wide. if you add up all the gaps
you may find that you have many square inches of negative

use the same method and technique for building
your chimney as you would the kiln...if you are using
metal, remember it will burn out the first time you fire--
as the flame will heat that baby to red hot.

with wood firing, i like a brick chimney...all the way.

i will add some pix to my website, clayart page
of the kiln donovan and the gang built at our farm.
donovan added about three feet extra this summer and
it fired much better.

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