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updated sat 16 dec 06


S.Carolina Potter-Margaret on thu 14 dec 06

Is it too late for reservations to the Gault? I just got the green light
and Christmas present from hubby in the form of the NCECA trip , haven't been
since Charlotte,NC.If there are no rooms at the ''CLAYART Inn", how far is
the Marriott from there? Can anyone email me what the room rate for 2 with a
king or two doubles/queen runs?

What pre-conference or post- conference workshops are happening? Are they
right there in Louisville or elsewhere? What is the main areas where off site
the exhibits will be and lastly does anyone know where any wood workers[for
spouse] in fine furniture gallerys or studios are there or en route from/to
Columbia, SC? Any great used bookstores?

I am so excited to get to go again.We will drive the van if there are any
Clayarters from here Colunmbia,SC who would be over 25 who can share driving
and gas.We are open to when to leave and just want to check in by the 13 at
the latest.

Now 2007 will be great and especially if I can get in a clay class at the
university here in Columbia. I am now ready to get back to rebuilding my fire
damaged studio this summer after all this time.I just decided even without
insurance and an evaporated customer base from turning my back on selling I
cannot seem to allow myself to retire from clay and need that last Harrah.

I just have to stick to a realistic plan at this ripe old age.It will be
so cool to see all the folks and exhibits and everything at NCECA.I just hope
the weather works in our favor for the trips we all will make.
If I order a t shirt will the size have to be on the internet forever?

Margaret in SC