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updated mon 18 dec 06


Ivor and Olive Lewis on sun 17 dec 06

Dear Fran Johnson=20

You ask wash used at different temps? And if there is what is the temp/ recipe =

An interesting question. I am specifically considering Vapour Glazing =
environments and the fabric of a kiln. My experience with ordinary =
Oxidation/Reducing environments leads me to believe that the refractory =
fabric of a kiln does not deteriorate due to chemical corrosion. So the =
interior of a kiln should not need that sort of protection. Materials =
like ITC coatings might be considered for other reasons. Mel or Nils =
would give answers relating to those issues. They relate to erosion, =
thermal shock and heat transfer

Silica/Kaolin has been mentioned. I would avoid that because of the =
health issues and because at high firing temperatures it eventually =
vitrifies. Silica (SiO2) may also be unstable under highly reducing =
conditions as well. There are sound technical reasons behind the =
selection of the Kaolin/Alumina mixture.

Best regards,

Ivor Lewis.
South Australia.