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the wickedness that is kingery: re: kiln wash 50epk/50alumina hydrate

updated fri 22 dec 06


claystevslat on thu 21 dec 06

Ivor --

What you say about Kingery is very likely so, but
what you fail to mention is that Kingery is an
engineering textbook requiring a solid engineering
or science background to follow, and is only occasionally
relevant to a potter's needs.

Lawrence is generally relevant for a potter, the science
is not so detailed or so daunting, but appears to be
applicable, and it is apprehensible without references to
Schrodinger's electron model and other high-faluting hoo-ha.
In the few cases where I've looked something up in both
Kingery and Lawrence, the two have been generally consistent,
but Lawrence has been substantially briefer.

Cardew's is an especially notable work because it doesn't
require any particular technical background, and is
entirely relevant to a potter's needs. There are no
dents in the wall of my study that match Cardew's
book, there are several that match Kingery ... the dents
would be deeper, but the book is so frigging heavy that I
can't get good velocity with it ...

Yours -- Steve Slatin

--- In, Ivor and Olive Lewis
> Dear Alex Solla ,
> Another factor I forgot to mention was that as this transformation
proceeds open gaps, voids between particles of the "Sponge" migrate
and diminish is size.
> I know I have played this record many times before but Kingery et
al, "Introduction to Ceramics" Ch Ten, "Grain Growth, Sintering and
Vitrification" gives far better insights into the way our raw
materials behave than any of the more popular texts people speak of
from time to time.
> Enjoy your holiday.
> Best regards,
> Ivor Lewis.
> Redhill,
> South Australia.
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