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clayart digest - 26 dec 2006 to 28 dec 2006 (#2006-350)

updated sun 31 dec 06


Jan Brian on sat 30 dec 06

I am a potter, preparing to open a studio. I work for the Air Force
and I purchase re-sale merchandise for our gift shops. We also operate several
businesses for the Air Force which do dustom work such as picture framing,
engraving, and embroidery.
Whenever I purchase goods, I do it by charge card. Items are not to
be charged to my card until the day the order is shipped. For custom work for
our won business, we ask for 1/2 deposit before we order any supplies, and the
rest is due on receipt of the merchandise (when the customer picks up the
custom work).
I thought these were two ideas that might help you to find a policy
that you could live ( and work) with.
Jan Brian