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all the wood ash you need

updated thu 4 jan 07


Dale Neese on wed 3 jan 07

Happy New Year All !

Whilst I was away traveling last week, someone or something, yet to be
determined, set fire to a huge pile of wood. This is not your ordinary pile
of wood. Located just a mile from my residence this "three story tall wood
pile" has been burning since Christmas. My friend closest to the fire has
had ash fallout covering his home to a depth of 1/2 inch. This fire could
take a year to burn out.
Sometimes with the wind coming from the North I have had a slight coating of
ash on my pool deck. Early in the mornings you can smell and taste the smoke
in the air. As we arrived home from the airport New Years Eve we could see
the pile burning from a distance.
I won't be doing any strenuous work outside for a while without wearing a
mask of some kind.
From the wood ash capital of Texas..........

Dale Tex
"across the alley from the Alamo"
San Antonio, Texas USA