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updated wed 10 jan 07


Liz Willoughby on sun 7 jan 07

Hello Claybuds,
I am coming out of my lurking mode to ask a question. In the NCECA
newsletter on page 9, there is an exhibition in Clermont/Bernheim
forest called "In Matters of Earth and Flame". It is a wood fire
exhibition and evidently there is a wood kiln there. Can anyone give
any more information about this place? It does say on the web that
it is 20 minutes south of Louisville. It does look quite wonderful,
just wondered if anyone had any first hand experience on visiting the

Also nice to see that there are a few clayarters on panel discussions
during the conference.
Wishing everyone a healthy 2007

Liz Willoughby from Grafton, Ontario, Canada

Liz Willoughby on mon 8 jan 07

Hello Tonya,
I guess I was specifically asking about the Clermont/Bernheim forest
and one's impressions of the area. And once inside the park, how
long would it take to visit it and the exhibition. And do you know
if the exhibition is open on Monday before the conference? (It does
not say in the NCECA news). We will be coming down from Ontario, and
just want to get an idea of time involved. Does look like a great
place for hiking and spending time, which we may not have. As far as
the exhibition goes, I am a fan of those in the show.
Thanks for replying Tonya,

>I live in Louisville and I have fired out at the Bernheim kiln on several
>occations. What would you like to know? Tonya

tonya Johnson on mon 8 jan 07

I live in Louisville and I have fired out at the Bernheim kiln on several
occations. What would you like to know? Tonya