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g200 as a spar- some questions: related thread-safe copper red glazes

updated wed 10 jan 07


Kathy McDonald on tue 9 jan 07

I noticed a comment made by Ron Roy related to using G200
as a spar instead of Kingman spar. I deleted the post
I could cut and paste the quote.

I believe he said that using the G200 as a replacement for
Kingman would not alter the glaze significantly.

What are the qualities of G200 that make it the same as,/or
different from
the other spars commonly used ? I've been doing some reading
but it all gets
very confusing so I thought I would ask here to see if
anyone had
a straightforward way of explaining what the differences
might be and whether
one spar is better to use in some glazes than others.

I use G200 in a glaze called Robin Hopper's white and I
really like the way it
behaves in that glaze...cone 6. This same glaze also fires
to cone 10 without
any problem.

G200 is a bit more expensive so I was wondering what if
anything can justify
the added expense of using it . I usually mix 20,000 g
batches of glaze at a time
but would be quite happy to pay the added cost for the
better outcome in firing.


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