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national ceramics museum, valencia, spain

updated sat 13 jan 07


Helen Bates on wed 10 jan 07

If interested in the ceramic work of Valencia (historic), visit the site
of the National Ceramics Museum, Valencia, Spain
(Museo Nacional de Ceramica y Artes Suntuarias Gonzalez Marti)

(In Spanish only, so you will need to find a translation site like the
one run by Altavista (Babelfish) if you want to try to read the text.
Otherwise, just click on "Seleccion de piezas" to see the list of works
accessible for online viewing.)

(great pieces! )

Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
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Marcia Selsor on thu 11 jan 07

That website really doesn't do the museum justice. It is incredible.
I have been there several times since 1981.
It has changed a bit. It was closed for 10 years for restoration.
The rooms are full of wonderful pieces. Too bad the resolution of the
digital images are poor.
Thanks for posting it. There are also national Ceramics Museums in
Barcelona and Madrid. I think this one may be the best of the 3.
Actually it is the Museum of decorative Arts in Madrid. Barcelona's
museum is really good. There are more ceramics in the museum de
catalan and Miro and Picasso's museums.
There is an outstanding (best I have ever seen without ever going to
South America) collection of pre-columbian pots at the Museum of the
Americas in Madrid. That was closed for 10 years as well and reopened
maybe a decade ago.
Outstanding museum. And the pots are great..Mocha, Chimu, Aztec, etc.
On Jan 10, 2007, at 4:35 PM, Helen Bates wrote:

Marcia Selsor

Beth Spindler on thu 11 jan 07

Spent a wonderful rainy afternoon at this museum in November - lots of work was being done to prepare for the new exhibit that was opening on the 8th - and I agree with Marcia, the website photos do not do it justice. The Valencian kitchen is incredible and my favorite piece wasn't included in the website at all.
It's Madonna and Child and I did take a (flash) photo of it before the guard informed me of no flash photography. I must have overlooked that sign as there was a lot of activity at the entrance to the museum when I went in. If anyone would be interested in seeing this photo, I can email you one.
Beth in VA

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Marcia Selsor on fri 12 jan 07

In my previous post I said the Valencia Ceramics Museum was the best.
Then I unpacked a catalog from the barcelona Ceramics Museum and it
jogged my memory. I think I should retract my last opinion and vote
for the Barcelona Ceramics Museum as the best.
It is a fantastic museum, well organized, etc.

Marcia Selsor