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plywood bats...thanks

updated thu 11 jan 07


Ann Brink on wed 10 jan 07

Thank you to all who recounted their experience with plywood bats. I =
appreciate the suggestions about smoothing, sealing, and bat pin holes. =
I will take the time to finish them nicely and seal them. Guess they =
won't be absorbent.

These bats will replace particle board bats of the same thickness, so =
storage won't be a problem. I got 20 years use out of the PB bats, so =
that's not bad. They are shedding bits badly now, though, but still =
work fine- I just have to throw away that layer of clay that you scrape =
off after lifting off a pot. Often I use canvas discs stuck on the bats =
to throw small to medium sized things.

Good firings,
Ann Brink in Lompoc CA
(mostly about pottery)