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hybrid kiln project -itc + kiln floor w/ kiln wash on it?

updated fri 12 jan 07


Robin Wolf on thu 11 jan 07

Dear All -

I have my old Cress B27H Electric Kiln gutted, ready (almost) to spray w/
ITC100. But. the floor of this kiln has an uneven coating of old kiln wash
on it. I have removed the loose areas of the old kiln wash, but the
majority of the floor is still covered. Do I remove the old kiln wash and
in the process risk damaging the floor, or will the ITC 100 stick to it?

I need to patch some of the crumbled places where I damaged the bricks
taking out the old elements. I saved the chunks and pieces that broke off,
and have some extra from a friend. Can I crumble these pieces and mix them
with the ITC 200 patch to fix the needed areas?

I have all 4 ITC products, the 100, 213, 200, 296. I called and talked to
Feriz, and he was every wonderful thing that you had said, and more!

I am looking forward to getting this project up and running - any advice
will be greatly appreciated!

Robin Wolf

Kingfisher, OK

North West of Oklahoma City waiting on the next big Ice Age to swoop in
tonight and leave us stranded in the dark with no electricity -last time it
was 16 days without electricity. Maybe I should have reconsidered that kick
wheel - firm thighs & entertained for the next few days! I guess I can get
reacquainted with hand building and sculpting .