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updated mon 15 jan 07


Joyce Lee on sun 14 jan 07

Hey Marilu..... is that you..... our Marilu of Clayart and NCECA fame?
Are you in South America now..... or Mexico...... Florida....... or
Austrailia? The last I heard you were soon to leave for down under in
order to be closer to your kids and friends from your lengthy tenure there.

If you are Our Marilu, we'd like to hear from you. I'm looking at this
at one of your small, Mayan remindful, pots. I always think of you and
your presentation at NCECA when I see it. Don't ask why. The two just
go together.

I am going to order a couple of the bats. They sound very good to me
in our dry climate.......... 16 F when I awoke this morning and a humidity
of 10%.
That's dry. I shouldn't have much trouble with the bats staying wet long
to be damaged.

Take care.
In the Mojave desert of California USA getting jazzed about NCECA in
Louisville. A fellow desert rat may come with me. Think she'll have a
good time? She's only been in clay a short time (as have I) and has
never been to a conference/workshop. Her name is Dianne Dilley and
she is, too!