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guggenheim, bilbao, spain.

updated thu 18 jan 07


Pat Southwood on wed 17 jan 07


Thanks for the link Hank.- and to those who=20
e-eed off line.
I had found sites telling me all asbout the building and the permanent =
exhibits, "Puppy" etc.
Apparently some naughty Calatan, er, enthusiasts had planned for it to =
be an exploding puppy at its' unveiling.
Each piece of the buildings' titaniun shell is unique in form and is =
guaranteed for a hundred years.
Which rather makes one wonder of its' staying power.
What will this stunning building look like in 2097 ?

My squitty little house was built in 1810 from nothing fancier than =
fired clay, wood and thatch, and it is still serving its purpose. (just =
Admittedly it is only the woodworm holding hands that is keeping the =
whole thing together, but that is my landlords problem, not mine.
If I go it will probably be at Easter and they dont seem to have any =
temp. exhibitions on then.
I do think it is a totally stunning building, but virtually every report =
I have managed to find seems to imply that the building is far more =
interesting than the contents....
A bit like the Tate in St. Ives, U.K. There was precious little in =
that stunning building when I visited a few years ago.
- and one was charged admission fees
The Tate in London is free. - as it should be.

I was drooling over the Hotel opposite, 5 star, Absolutly perfectly =
formed drinks terrace overlooking the Gugg and a Bauhaus restaurant, v.v =
stylish. and not too stupidly expensive either.
I think the children could do with a local camping trip for a holiday =
this year !!

Thanks again folks,

Pat Southwood.