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nceca pedestals..sonatube

updated thu 18 jan 07


stephani stephenson on tue 16 jan 07

I spent an entire day as a Sennelier Oil pastel.
in a metal tube with a faily luscious irridescent cone
head on top
with a cutout for my face . also cutouts for my arms.
i remember a few things about the tubular experience
but have blanked out anything involving restrooms.

the only advice i do have is ,regarding sitting.
forget about Phil's advice on the shortie sonatube..go
full length and pretend you are Mae West.
demand that the airlines provide you with one of
those leaning platforms instead of a chair. P.S. I
just visited a Greek Mionastery last week, they have
the same thing; sort of a stand up chair with a back
and arm rests..I guess they use them so they don't
keel over during those 5 hour monk vespers or whatever
they are.

second.forget about going through security ,period.
Just check yourself in as baggage and 'roll' with it

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