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clayart sales/breakage question

updated sat 20 jan 07


Laurie Kneppel on thu 18 jan 07

Hi Kathi,

I pretty much feel the same way that you do regarding broken things.
And I hope I satisfied my customer okay with my small discount on one
piece and throwing in another as replacements. Normally I would have
offered her a similar piece at a discount, but since this was a
seconds sale I really had no similar pieces to replace them with. And
no more in the green glaze she had originally purchased. Plus
everything was discounted at 50% or less of the regular price, so
most of the items actually went for far below wholesale, so I was
having a hard time discounting things much more since they were
already at that "if anyone offers me less I'll just keep it" stage. I
suppose next time I will just keep the prices a tad higher maybe, and
put up those signs other folks have suggested. During the day I saw
an awful lot of people carrying around grocery bags by the handles! I
wanted to go up to them and tell them not to do that, and why.

Laurie in Sacramento