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mi, detroit metro: beginning ceramics class

updated mon 22 jan 07


Jeff Warrow on sun 21 jan 07

ATTENTION: Michigan, Detroit Metro region residents


You are invited to attend a class in beginning
ceramics. No talent is required, as you will be
developing artistic skills through practice and
experimentation. Advanced ceramic students are
encouraged to sign-up to use the lab.

I have been creating clay works for many years and
find it a calming and meditative art. Clay is
ancient, as it is the most refined remnants of eroded
mountains. Clay has an almost magical ability to be
shaped and formed. The ancients recognized this, and
incorporated clay in sacred texts as in the Hebrew
scriptures of Genesis where "Adam" was made out of
clay. In ancient Egyptian mythology the god "Khnum"
made people out of clay. Attend this class and
explore the magic of clay!

The community education course, titled "Ceramics-I",
is through the Wayne County Community College District
(WC3D) at the Eastern Campus. The Eastern Campus is
located at I-94 and Conner (Exit 220B) in Detroit.
The class meets on Thursdays, 6P to 8P, beginning
Thursday, February 1, 2007, and runs through April 26,
2007. The cost is only $50! If you qualify as a
senior (over 60 years young) the class is FREE!

In Ceramics-I, beginners will acquire the basic skills
for hand constructing functional and decorative
ceramic objects like pinch, coil, and slab pots.
Students will learn to shape and texture clay, then
prepare and apply glazes to basic ceramic pieces.
There will also be opportunity to try your hand at the
potter's wheel.

If you are interested in taking Ceramics-I you can
sign-up at the WC3D web site ( or
any WC3D campus (hours and locations are listed

It would be delightful to see you there. The class
begins Thursday, February 1 at 6P at the WC3D-Eastern
Campus, Room E-104 (As you enter go down the hall on
the atriumís right-hand side. The ceramics lab is
shortly down the hall on the left past the library.)

It is important to register by January 24 (next

Class enrollment must meet a minimum threshold of
students by Wednesday, January 24 or the course will
be cancelled. However, registrations will still be
possible through the first week of class (if it is a
go.) Please contact me if you will take the class but
wonít be able to register by Wednesday, January 24.

Please forward this email to people who may be
interested in learning clay art. Feel free to contact
me if you have any questions.

A flyer is available with class information at web

Thank you,
Jeff Warrow

Use the following information for class registration:
Ceramics I - Beginner
Course #: CRFT-4002
Fee: $50
Eastern - Instructor: Jeff Warrow
Room: E-104
CRN: 24526, Thu, 6:00P - 7:55P
Date: 2/1/2007 - 4/26/2007

Online registration is available 24 hours a day, 7
days at week at:

Campus Hours:

Walk-in registration hours for this week (January 15 -
January 20) are as follows:
Monday - Thursday: 9A - 7P
Friday: 9A - 4P
Saturday: 9A - 3P

Beginning January 22
Monday, Thursday: 9A - 4:30P
Tuesday, Wednesday: 9A - 6P
Friday: 9A - 4P

Campus Locations:

Downriver Campus
21000 Northline
Taylor, MI 48180-4717
Voice: 734.946.3500
TDD: 734.374.3206

Downtown Campus
1001 W. Fort
Detroit, MI 48226-3001
Voice: 313.496.2758
TDD: 313.496.2708

Eastern Campus
5901 Conner
Detroit, MI 48213-3457
Voice: 313.922.3311
TDD: 313.579.6923

Northwest Campus
8551 Greenfield
Detroit, MI 48228-2224
Voice: 313.943.4000
TDD: 313.943.4073

Western Campus
9555 Haggerty
Belleville, MI 48111-1404
Voice: 734.699.7008