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barbara gonzales, visiting artist at ou, norman ok 02-06

updated thu 25 jan 07


Robin Wolf on wed 24 jan 07

My daughter is at OU (Go Sooners!), and sent me this information. This is
open to the public at no cost. If anyone else is going - just holler!

Barbara Gonzales, Visiting Artist

Public Demonstration

"The Building and Decorating Techniques of
Traditional San Ildefonso Tewa Pottery"

Location: OU Ceramics Facility, Congress Street, South Campus

Date: Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Time: 9:30-11:30 AM and 1:30-4:00 PM

Public Lecture:

"San Ildefonso Tewa Traditional Arts: The Clay
Legacy of Julian & Maria Martinez, My Artistic Heritage"

Location: Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, Auditorium

Date: Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Time: 5:30-6:15 PM (reception following)

Barbara Gonzales is the eldest great granddaughter of Maria and
Julian Martinez of the San Ildefonso Pueblo in New Mexico. At the turn of
the century, San Ildefonso Pueblo potters, Maria Martinez and her husband,
Julian, rediscovered and refined the process of making black pottery. Their
work is considered of primary importance in the history of Native American
pottery. Maria's legacy continued in the work of Adam and Santana (her son
and daughter-in-law). Both were known for their traditional black on black
pottery with "well-formed shapes, careful finishes, and skillful designing

Today, Barbara Gonzales and her family continue the Maria and
Julian, Adam and Santana legacy. Barbara Gonzales is known for her
intricately incised black, red and polychrome bowls with her "good luck"
spider motif. Barbara has been making pottery since her early childhood and
has been a serious potter for over thirty years.

She continues in the family tradition. In terms of techniques,
Barbara is frequently requested to lecture at museums and cultural events
around the country. Her own work, as well as the pottery of her family, is
held in numerous important private and museum collections, including the
Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC, the Heard Museum in Phoenix, and the
Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art in Norman . Her reputation is international.
Her dedication and involvement with Native American people as well as her
own San Ildefonso Pueblo heritage have extended her reputation beyond that
of her pottery.

This visit is sponsored by the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, the School of
Art and the OU Speakers Bureau

Robin Wolf

Kingfisher, OK 73750