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packaging and shipping to avoid breakage

updated thu 25 jan 07


Nancy Guido on wed 24 jan 07


First let me say, your work is wonderful. I thought I'd look at a few pieces and then leave the website, however, I was pulled right along to look at it all and then felt compelled to respond!

My work was not delicate, I made tiles, but I did a lot of shipping and had good luck. I always felt that a good amount of tape around the bubble wrap helped "activate" the bubbles. It may seem crazy, but I used a lot of packaging tape.

Bubble wrap, peanuts, double boxing has always worked for me. I wonder if UPS was unduly rough?

The only other thing I can think of is styrofoam to fit your pieces exactly, like they do with porcelain figurines.

Again, your work is beautiful.

Nancy G.