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architectural ceramics workshop added, also some new tilework

updated sun 11 feb 07


stephani stephenson on sat 10 feb 07

Hi Folks
I have added some new Art Deco Style Trim, following
a project I have been working on . The style in some
of the trim reflects the architectural terra Cotta
which is on the outside of a building in NYC. and the
project I am working on is to be on the interior of
the building. SO It has been kind of exciting , and am
involved in some mural work too. is making for
good winter work.
check it out on webpage

Also I have added an Architectural Cermics workshop,
to be taught at the studio (San Diego area) this
June, in addition to the handmade tile workshop. It
will be June 25-28. 4 days.

following is the workshop schedule for the coming
year. Note that
CLAYART (and CM tech editor) Dave FInkelnburg will be
doing 2
Glaze workshops at Revival TIleworks ina. These won't
just be lectures, they will be hands on problem
solving workshops for folks of all levels of glaze

For additional info go to the workshop webpage

Info follows:

"Glazes Demystified". 2 day workshops with Dave
May 2- 3, Wednesday-Thursday . $175
May 5-6, Saturday-Sunday, . $175.
"Glazes Demystified"
is a unique hands-on workshop for those who want an
in-depth understanding of how glazes work, from the
raw materials to the kiln. In two busy days you will
learn about making glazes, tackle problems like glaze
suspension and application, and learn how to easily
design your own glazes with computer software. Dave
Finkelnburg is currently the Technical Editor of
Ceramics Monthly and a studio
potter. He has an MS in Ceramic Engineering from
Alfred University and has lectured about glazes at
high schools , colleges and in workshops across the
U.S. "My goal is to take the mystery out of glaze
science," says Dave. "The most fun I have presenting
a workshop is when someone has an, 'Ah, hah!' moment
regarding glazes.

"Handmade Tile ": 4 day workshop with Stephani

May 11-14, Friday-Monday, . $400
other dates TBA

" Handmade Tile" Intensive , comprehensive hands- on
tilemaking workshop. Includes design, relief
modeling/carving, making field tile and trim,
moldmaking, extruding, pressing and forming
techniques; drying , firing ,clays, surface and
glazing, Participants will make a relief tile and
mold. Stephenson is a full time tilemaker and
sculptor. .She brings a sense of both history and
exploration, experience and high energy to her
workshops .limit 10.

"Architectural Ceramics" : 4 day workshop with
Stephani Stephenson

June 25-28, 2007. 4 days . Monday - Thursday .
Learn all about techniques, tools, materials and
approaches to architectural ceramics. Freeform and
modular construction techniques . Pressing ,
extruding , slabs, design, design transfer, measuring
, firing , glazing and installation .history and
Students will complete group project such as door
surround, columns or arch.

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