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surfing with helen bates - feb 07, 2007 - usa, uk, spain

updated mon 12 feb 07


Helen Bates on sun 11 feb 07


Here' is an eclectic bunch of urls which i hope you enjoy.

Connie Harter-Bagley ( Connie's Clay of Fundy) (East Machias, ME, USA)
(Extensive line of Porcelain dinnerware, houseware and tileware,
decorated in abstract and semi-abstract designs)

Chris Gryder (Roanoke, VA, USA),1789,HGTV_3352_1944835,00.htm=
("Making one of his vessels begins by mixing silt, an 80 % to 20 %
mixture of sand to clay, with water."
(After earning a degree in Architecture (Tulane, 1988), Gryder resided
at Paolo Soleri's Arcosanti for 5 years. Subsequently he earned an MFA
in Ceramics at the Rhode Island School of Design. Recipes for his silt
casting mix vary, but are about 85% sand and 15% clay.)
("Negative Impact: Chris Gryder's Silt Castings by Dori DeCamillis in
the November 2006 issue of Ceramics Monthly)
(Thanks (to Richard Cheverton for the original mention of this artlcle.)

John Rezner Pottery (Fairhope, AL, USA)
(Wood Fired Anagama Kiln; Kiln Construction photos; Wood-fired and
Anagama-fired porcelain pots)

Clays of the Piedmont (U. North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA and "Learn=20
(Carolina Environmental Diversity Explorations =93virtual field trip=94=20
explaining the origins and types of clays in the North Carolina Piedmont=20
and their uses in making pottery.)

Meli Estrada (mijas, malaga, Spain):
makes great work) (Works in Terra Cotta, Stoneware, Porcelain and
Egyptian Paste - Also makes Raku-fired ware)
(Her wheel thrown Egyptian paste vases can be up to 25 Centimeters high,=20
ie: nearly 10 inches)
(The site is in Spanish only, so you may want to use a web site=20
translation program such as Altavista's Babelfish version.)

English-Spanish Pottery Glossaries and Dictionaries:
(Ms Estrada has a glossary of Spanish pottery terms and a=20
Spanish-English dictionary)
Multilingual Dictionary of Pottery Words - English/Spanish
(by Robert Wilt and Ron Duncan)
Potters for Peace has a fairly good list:
Alimited Spanish English Spanish glossary from the Study Group for Roman=20

Webster's Online Dictionary with Multilingual Thesaurus Translation:
(For single word translation of pottery terms into a number of
languages) (Scroll down the page)
(I suspect that the better one knows how the Spanish Language works, the
better one can select the most acceptable translation in this Webster's
dictionary. IE: One could try "fired" "baked" or "cooked" and get
different Spanish words.)
(There is much much more on any result page, though, so be prepared to
get lost for a while!)

Stephen Robison and Kathleen Guss (Red Springs, NC, USA)
(Some parts of this one require joining MSN Groups and then this=20
particular group, but several folders of Robison's and Guss's pottery=20
are freely available, including one of Robison's and Guss's work.)

Marilu Tejero (Hialeah, FL, USA)
Our Clayarter Marilu T has a good website (Flash, with flute music) (English and Spanish text)
(The images of her work load in an integral slide show of her sculptural
forms: Pimachis, Madonnas, and Achachillas)
(The music plays on each subdirectory page for a couple of minutes.)

Jeff Mincham (Cherryville, SA, Australia)
(Large scale vessels that invite the touch, "reminiscent of=20
archaeological relics", resulting from a process that the artist refers=20
to as "firing and weathering at the same time."
(Use the search utility for more of Mincham's older work.)

James Robert (J R) Page (Waynesville, near Asheville, North Carolina, USA=
(Potter and "bloggist") (Student at Haywood Community College, North=20
(views of his own very nice work, and photos of workshops by other=20
potters and clay
artists, such as the September 2006 Nina Hole Fire Sculpture workshop=20
held in Boone, North Carolina.
(Slideshow of the Nina Hole workshop, held at Appalachian State U.=20
Boone, NC and was co-sponsored by
The Center for Craft, Creativity and Design at U. North Carolina=20

Selected British Craft Makers (Around the UK):
Direct link for online Ceramics Gallery.
(Potters and other Ceramic Artists: Ivar Mackay, Lorraine Ditchburn,=20
Emer Galvin, Rupert Belfrage, Design Ceramics, Paul Smith, Terri Smart,=20
Linda Bloomfield, John Mathieson, Frances Doherty, Laura Furlong, Sarah=20
Jones, Charmain Poole, Anne Haworth, Caroline and Stephen=20
Atkinson-Jones, David Melville, Rebecca Harvey, Tim Gee, Carole Glover,=20
Rob Watson, Juliet Walters, Black Dog of Wells, Stephen Brown, Katrina=20
Trinick, Patricia Shone, Sarah Cox, David Allnatt, Di Rutledge, John=20
Tyler, Chris Hawkins, Katie Scarlett Howard, Jasmin Rowlandson, Glazed=20
and Amazed, Rosemarie Cooke, Lesley Anne Greene, John Kershaw, Judith=20
Fisher, Maggie Curtis, Leyla Folwell, Jennie Gilbert, Alex Johannsen,=20
Christine Bull, Laurence McGowan, Geraldine Hughes, Amy Cooper, Tony=20
White, Bridget Drakeford, Shaun Hall, Linda Copeland, Louise Darby,=20
Russell Akerman, Helen Tiley, Mirka Golden-Hann, Bob Park, Stormy=20
Pottery, Pollie and Garry Uttley, Monster Cottage Crafts, Garry Jones,=20
Mia Sarosi, Alex Johannsen, Pageantry Designs, Jane Adams)

Helen, in snowy Belleville, Ontario, Canada
Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
Clayarters' URLs: