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who is driving from sc to nceca? do any couples wish to share a suite?

updated fri 16 feb 07


Megan Mason on thu 15 feb 07

My former plans changed when my roomie and ride had to cancel and I am
searching for other solutions.

My non- potter- husband has offered to drive me but he gives up his annual
weeklong vacation for something he has little to no interest in[he's
interest is fine furniture woodworking].

Are there any potters going from SC to Louisville ? We would probably go
thru Asheville and Knoxville, staying overnight maybe in Knoxville to make
driving alert a better choice.[we just lost a family member to an auto accident
where he was too sleepy and went onto the wrong ramp and headlong into an 18
wheeler, so safe driving is important to us].

I heard that USC grad students were going in a van but since I am a senior
non credit student I was not informed of any possible access to this
situation so I am looking at any other options as this is quite expensive.

Any possible pickup riders at the points along the way, especially if room
share is a possibility.We may also have to renegotiate the room thing as my
last roomie may have given her room up as I didn't jump at it as the family
death had just happened and I was in shock.

We would be interested in a suite share with a couple other clayarters in
the Gault.We are non smokers but do snore and will provide earplugs but a
separate room in the suite would work best.We are in our 60's.We are open to any
couples or whatever as long as we jointly agree to privacy.