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seeking temporary studio space in sacramento, california

updated wed 21 feb 07


Shula on mon 19 feb 07


Pretty soon I'll be back on the road (or should I say plane) again. We just finished two software implementations close enough to home that I could drive (Encino and San Bernardino). Soon I'll be flying to Sacramento at the beginning of the week and flying back home on Thursday or Friday.

So, is there anyone in Sacramento that has a studio in which I could rent space to throw (and fire) evenings &/or weekends, if I stay for the weekend? The Sacramento implementation should run through the end of May. I'd also like to know about any clay happenings in the area between now and then. Rumor has it that after Sacramento, we will be implementing the software in an office near Walnut Creek, CA. Guess I'm going to get to know Northern CA a bit better.

Too bad we don't have an office near the Mojave or I could hang out with Joyce and her furry friend.

Thanks for your help.

in pleasant Redondo Beach, California, USA