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updated mon 26 feb 07


Nottingham Arts on sun 25 feb 07

My dear clayart friends,

For those of you who are new to NCECA and the Clayart room; please
don't feel shy or left out. You are part of the group of Clayart folks
whether an old hand or a first timer.

Clay folks are among the most friendly and outgoing I have ever found
and will be the most openly friendy you will probably ever find. Just
fellow potter / ceramists who want to meet and hang out with others of
the same.
Of course there will be those who know each other but they welcome
someone new to the discussion redily. That is one of the things about
the Clayart group.
You are welcomed right off and included right off. Ya just have to walk
up and say hi.

So for those of you new to the scene; know that there is this huge
group of Clayart folks who are expecting to meet new people and ready to
welcome you in person.

They want to meet you and include you. That is a major aspect of the
Clayart scene. All you have to do is walk up and say HI, and you will be
greeted as an old friend by most Clayart folks.

This is one of the beauties of our group. The open hearted welcoming of
members when meeting face to face at conferences like NCECA.

Clayart has made NCECA much more accesable to folks who are first time
attendies of NCECA.

Terry Sullivan
Nottingham Center for the Arts
San Marcos, CA