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50 mugs

updated thu 1 mar 07


Mark Issenberg on wed 28 feb 07

Some of you knew I had hand surgery ,again,...I had trigger finger release
surgery on my left middle finger. It means at least 3 weeks with no clay. This
is the 3rd finger Ive had surgery on for the same thing. The first 2 were on
my right hand now ive swithched over to the left hand.

Any way I had been stacking up lots of bisque ware and as soon as it was
warm enough I glazed and stacked my kiln. After the surgery I had to wait a
couple of days and I then fired the load. It had 50 mugs in the firing. I
unloaded the kiln yesterday and planning on bringing mugs to Kentucky..

I owe at least 2 mugs from last year.Some one on clay art got a mug that
cracked ,hopefully you will be there and also I owe Sally a mug.

So for you who have asked if I had any mugs ,this will be the year of the
mug. Some of the mugs are blue. I had changed my blue ash because it was
bubbling . I added 15 % Nepsy and It does not bubble , yay..

Talking about grinders I bought a 8 inch blade that is metal and has
diamonds in pads that goes on my big grinder. Its eats up glaze mess ups.. I also
use a 4" side grinder with concrete blades to clean up the small stuff and runs
on pots. Some times I use my Dremal tool. It takes many tools to be a potter
, and also my Bison trimming tool is still MY FAVORITE trimming tool.

See most of you in a couple of weeks.


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