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update on use of hydro bats for those interested

updated thu 1 mar 07


Randy McCall on wed 28 feb 07

I previously posted a problem with clay sticking to hydro bats and got some
suggestions. Here is how I resolved the issue for those interested.

1. Make sure you wash the hydro bats as they come with a powdery residue.
Just clean them off with water.

2. One suggestion I got from a Clayarter was to use a light spray of Armour
All. I just rub it in with my hand. Make sure you cover the rims. This
worked very well.

3. Pieces will pop off bats and molds based on your areas humidity. Pieces
may take a couple of days if left in my unheated studio (SC). If I bring
them in the house usually the piece will pop off by the next day.

4. With a large 14" plate mold instead of throwing a ball of clay on the
mold, I roll out a slab and press it on the mold then put it on the wheel
and smooth it down with a rib until I form the bottom and the clay is even
on the mold. Makes a nice plate.

If anyone else uses the hydro bat plate molds I would be interested in how
you make a nice rim using this mold.

South Carolina
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