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fwd: nceca roommate needed

updated fri 2 mar 07


mel jacobson on thu 1 mar 07

>From: "Erin L. Casey"
>Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2007 08:59:42 -0700
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>Subject: NCECA roommate needed
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>I was interested in posting a message to the clayart forums & I'm not
>sure how to do that... am I emailing the correct person? If so, here's
>the message I'd like to post, in response to another message which I
>posted below mine:
>I am looking for a roommate in the Galt as well. I have a smoking room
>booked, though I'm a non smoker and if I could find someone who needs a
>roommate in a non-smoking room, that would be even better. One way or
>another, I'd like at least one roommate (two if someone doesn't mind
>sleeping on the floor) to keep the cost low. I'll be arriving on the 13th
>and departing on the 17th.
>Email me at
>Leticia Duenas on mon 26 feb 07
> I am still reaching out because I have a room (two queens) at the Galt
> would like to share with similar kindred spirit. (non-smoking) Arriving
> on the 13th, departing on the 17th. I am a very quiet sleeper. So please
> let me know who out there still needs a room.
> Here is hoping to hear from one of you out there,
> Leti

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