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heating studio

updated sat 3 mar 07


shane mickey on thu 1 mar 07

i must suggest an infared propane heater or what some call a plauqe heater. if your thinking of going propane this is a good option. i researched various heating ideas for my 20x24 high ceiling studio. i agree woodstoves can take time, i personally love them, have one in my house, but for my studio, no i just want to be able to turn the heater on and keep it warm while not in there, without worry (i have a child also!). the infared heaters come in a variety of sizes and whisltes. sounds like you would need the larger version with five plauqes and if you go this route definitly get one with a thermostat. i didnt and feel i waste alot of propane, but this winter i only spent $300 on propane, i am in the south but live at 3500 feet elevation so its more like living in the norht, not canada per sa, but not the hot south. I bought my heater at lowes for under $200 so the whole setup with tank, lines, and fill up was under $500 to start and they do heat well, hope this helps
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Leti Duenas on fri 2 mar 07

What sort of ventilation do you have to have for that kind of heater?

In cold and wet northern California.