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shinsha (copper red.)

updated tue 6 mar 07


Lee Love on tue 6 mar 07

I usually don't care for copper reds, except as splashes
on chun, where they vary a great deal in color, the purples being the
most exciting. But Shimaoka learned a technique from Hamada, where
you layer copper pigment between layers of transparent glaze. This
give much more variation, including having the copper break through on
ridges. I have a shinsha guinomi I recieved as a New Years gift.
Here is an example:

Both potters also used this sandwich technique with iron and gosu
(impure cobalt.) These too have a lot of variety, with metallic
breaking through on the edges.

Shimaoka uses a seki nami jiro for this. Not his ash glaze. I
think the feldspar nami jiro holds together better when it is used
with this technique.

Lee in Mashiko, Japan
Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

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