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ball milling/real art

updated fri 9 mar 07


mel jacobson on thu 8 mar 07

i found an old rock polisher at a garage sale.
it works like a dream.
added some agate stones from my planting area.
crushed materials.

it is still a matter of speed and time.

i just turn it on, leave it over night...take it out.
about ninety percent of what i grind is cobalt.
i don't like those splashes of dark blue on the surface
of a pot. just chunks of cobalt.
same for some iron.

so. i grind it overnight. that is, if i am going to
make a clear blue glaze.

i do agree with lee love, lots of our commercial materials
are too over processed. just too chunks.
it gives some glazes that ...`commercial look`.
that is my aesthetic.
i like pots that feel and look `hand made`.

if there is a chunk or a run...or they bottoms are
bit be it.
my customers want....`the mel look`, or they would
go some place else.

i know that many others can't stand any in/perfection...that is their
aesthetic. to each his/her own.

we each live a set of `standards` that we create in our own heads.
hard to change that. in fact, most never do.

it is why i have to fire a entire kiln full of test glazes.
i can't stand to work without adventure.

that is why i taught school for almost 40 years. security for the
family, so i did not have to live `securely` in my studio.

20 hand built pots in this firing.
yes, hand built.
i can, you know.
it was like the kid that came up to my drawing board at the
high school...i had a very realistic landscape drawing on the
board....he said...`damn, i didn't know you could do `real art`.

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