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ball mills; mortars and pestles

updated fri 9 mar 07


Lili Krakowski on thu 8 mar 07

Both Cardew and Grebanier have good sound advice on ball mills. I built the
mill shown in Grebanier's book. We used a found motor, and, as I recall
found rollers. If you go to your local thrift shop it will have old
typewriters that have rubber rollers. If you go to your favorite junk yard
you will find old washing machines with rollers.

In stores that sell Japanese cooking utensils you will see perfectly simple
stoneware mortars. Just thick fat bowls, "combed" rough on the inside.
Throw the pestle off the hump as a thick sided teapot spout . Leave the
bottom extra thick, trim into a half-sphere. The one thing to watch for
is that the combed inside of the mortar SHOULD NOT HAVE brittle little high
spots that might break off. No problem in studio, big one in food

Lili Krakowski
Be of good courage