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kurt & nceca exchange

updated sat 10 mar 07


Toni Smith on fri 9 mar 07

Kurt, don't worry. As long as your item fits in the lunch bag, you are good to go. And we all hope that our item will delight the recipient, but the Clayart group is comprised of potters from all different levels. Mel has reminded us, that we all started somewhere, and it seems to me that the goal should be to enjoy sharing, meeting new people, seeing what others can make, and just having fun. If a person's only goal is to try to garner the most 'valuable' piece in the exchange, then they are in the wrong place. That is not what the intention was for this event. In my two exchanges at NCECA so far, I was lucky to have two experienced potters get my mugs. Rikki Gill and Judy Motzkin, both very talented and successful, both were very helpful with constructive criticism and conversation. I appreciated that very much. So my advice is just relax, bring a piece that you like and as Judy Motzkin wisely told me, Trust Yourself! I look forward to seeing you all on Thursday in Louisville! To
ni Smith in Ohio