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nceca knitting corner: ( buttons and the martha pattern) - so ot

updated mon 12 mar 07


Lois Ruben Aronow on fri 9 mar 07

Nice poncho!

We'll probably have to take this off list soon, but you (and all the other
knitters out there) should know about . I am
the queen of the free knitting (and crochet) patterns.

>Lois I can identify,
>I've started making beads and buttons to adorn my new creations.

I have started to do porcelain buttons for my garments, and have also
started to do beads. I have also started to knit with fine gauge sterling
wire....stay tuned, as it is soon to be incorporated into my clay work.

Who wonders if working mixed media will put her on the "not a potter" list
again ;-)

Lois Ruben Aronow Ceramics

Lezlie Finet on sun 11 mar 07

years ago, I did do some macram=E9 with some very fine copper wire, and
incorporated it in the process of some raku firing.
It left the most beautiful impressions and a hint of copper flash after
firing. I don't do much jewellery anymore so I don't have a ready source
for the fine metallic wires.
Do you have one or happen to know of one?

Hi Kathy - I've gotten most of my wire supplies from:

They offer some cool wires up to 32 gauge or so... and have been very
helpful with advise...

I=92d love to see how you=92re incorporating your copper wires into raku-tem=
firings. Feel free to send pics to me at ttp://

I hope we can share some ideas. (perhaps off-list)

Lezlie, in AZ