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shy clayarters at nceca, thrift shops, distractions

updated sat 10 mar 07


Elizabeth Priddy on thu 8 mar 07

I am really excited about our conference coming up in June.=0AI will talk t=
o anyone about it and you should feel free to =0Achange the subject if I am=
too focused. But if you want to =0Aknow anything, there's an icebreaker f=
or you, just ask anyone =0Ayou meet about what clay stuff they are up to la=
tely!=0A=0AI believe that I will be trying hard to learn new=0Athings and t=
o get a little rest from work and to=0Abe social so I should be able to be =
easily distracted.=0A=0AI am doing a little work there, but I would love to=
know if anyone in=0ALouisville knows where the good second hand shops are.=
=0A=0AThat may sound crazy, but I have found in my limited travels,=0Athat =
a look around a local thrift shop can give you an incredible=0Aidea of what=
an area is really like.=0A=0AI am drooling about the possibilities of shop=
s like this in New Orleans.=0A=0AAnyone know where they are in Louisville=
=0Aand if they are anywhere near the =0Aother stuff we will be going to see=
anyway?=0A=0AMap[quest isn't good for this kind of stuff.=0A=0AE=0A=0A=0A =
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