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glaze , tile and architectural ceramics workshops in so. cal

updated sun 11 mar 07


stephani stephenson on fri 9 mar 07

Hi folks
getting ready to head to Louisville and thought I'd
post the workshop schedule.
NOTE: i have redone the webpage workshop info..there
is a PDF flyer and registration form linked directly
from the main page at

I have added a June Architectural Ceramics Workshop.
We get gung ho and have a great time, and i do my best
to make it worthwhile for you!

also Dave Finkelnburg will be a visiting workshop
teacher for 1 week in May he will be doing two
sessions and it is a great opportunity for people of
all experience levels to learn more about glaze
formulation, application and calculation.
I think this would be a great refresher for teachers
as well as studio potters at all stages.

it will be hands on...lots of lab space here at the

also 'i'll have the lil Macbook with me at NCECA to
keep in touch.
Stephani Stephenson

Revival Tileworks : 2007 Workshops

“Glazes Demystified” with Dave Finkelnburg

May 2- 3, Wednesday-Thursday . $175
May 5-6, Saturday-Sunday . $175.
location: Encinitas , California
Hands-on workshop for anyone wanting to learn more
about glazes . In two busy days you will learn about
making glazes, tackle problems like glaze suspension
and application, and learn how to easily design your
own glazes with computer software. Dave Finkelnburg is
Technical Editor of Ceramics Monthly and a studio
potter . He has an MS in Ceramic Engineering from
Alfred University and has taught glaze sessions at
high schools , colleges and in workshops across the

“Handmade Tile” with Stephani Stephenson
May 11-14, Friday-Monday, 4 days . $400
Loction: Encinitas, California
Intensive , comprehensive hands- on tilemaking
workshop. Includes design, relief modeling/carving,
making field tile and trim, moldmaking, extruding,
pressing and forming techniques; drying , firing
,clays, surface and glazing, Participants will make a
relief tile and mold. Stephenson is a full time
tilemaker and sculptor. She brings a sense of
history and exploration, experience and high energy to
her workshops. . limit 10. 9 AM- 5PM .

"Architectural Ceramics" with Stephani Stephenson
June 25-28, Monday - Thursday, 4 days . $400
Location: Encinitas California

Immersion style, hands-on learning! Techniques,
tools, materials and approaches to architectural
ceramics. Freeform and modular construction
techniques . Pressing , extruding , slabs, design,
design transfer, measuring , firing , glazing ,
installation , history and background. Students will
complete group project such as door surround, column
or arch. 9 AM- 5PM.

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