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naked raku nceca session

updated sun 11 mar 07


Eduardo Lazo on sat 10 mar 07

Hello All,

I will be facilitating the Naked Raku Topical Discussions Session at the
NCECA meeting on Thursday, March 15th from 3:30-5:00 PM. If you are attending the
Louisville conference please come, share your experiences and exchange
winning ideas. Photographs or actual samples of your works would be most helpful
and very much appreciated.

Naked Raku Methodology:- Current Trends and Challenges
1. Exploring the Basics of the One and Two Step Techniques.
2. Ten Frequently Asked Questions.
3. Problem Solving Question and Answer Period.
4. Key Take-Aways.

I look forward to this event and eager to visit with some of you there.

Eduardo Lazo
Belmont, California

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