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wood firing....applying wood ash for more effect?

updated thu 22 mar 07


Nancy on sat 17 mar 07

Hi all

I am participating in my first wood firing come May so I am now
beginning to work on throwing the pieces. I am using BMix since I like
the creamier colors the ash produces.

I washed some wood ash a few months ago and have been testing it on the
inside of some bowls to see how it will affect the glazes but now I am

We are using a celedon shino in the firing which I will use mostly on
the insides of pieces and rims. Would I get more ash effect if I
applied an ash paste / wash to the outside of pieces where I want to
accentuate the wood firing or would I just be wasting my time?

Any advice would be appreciated

Thanks in advance


Tim See on wed 21 mar 07

I'm one of the folks you will be handing your work over to for the wood
firing I was flipping over posts and found yours. It's best to ask the
people that will be firing your work these kinds of questions. You can make
any of you normal pieces handles knobs the whole deal. Lids most likely will=

be fired on and the pieces should indeed be lined. It=92s good to keep a fai=
amount of room between the glazed area and the gallery and lid to leave room=

for waddage. The clay we sent with you is wonderful clay that we have great
success with it. It is not regular bmix; it=92s made for wood firing and the=

way we fire. You do not need to add anything to the outside of any of the
pieces. The flames do all of the work. Your will not be on the same shelf in=

the kiln it will be spread out so you have a better chance of getting a nice=

variety of shades and effects. If you have more questions you can email me
or anyone else at clayscapes. We are getting excited about may for sure.
Tim See