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mistaken identity at nceca

updated wed 21 mar 07


Paul Lewing on mon 19 mar 07

I had a huge laugh to start off NCECA Tuesday evening. I was sitting
in the Galt House Hotel bar with Robin Hopper when a lady came in and
began to tell him how much she liked his work and how she had admired
him so much over the years. Then she went on to tell him how much
she like those ads of his in the magazines that were different every
month and showed all those people with no clothes on! She had
confused him with Paul Soldner! Robin was very gracious, and it was
such a treat to watch his face as the conversation went along.
Then on Saturday I had another version of the same thing happen to
me! A lady said to me "Hey, I know you- you wrote that book, right?"
"Yeah, I did".
"The cone 6 glaze book, right?"
"No, the china paint one".
"Sorry, I have you mixed up with John Hesselberth".
Oh well, maybe someday Robin and I will attain the same level of
recognition as Paul and John.
Paul Lewing

Logan Johnson on tue 20 mar 07

Hey Paul,
Now you know why Britney Spears is like she is. It's hell being famous 'aint it!?!

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