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nceca 2007 louisville cyberclay show

updated tue 20 mar 07


Veena Raghavan on mon 19 mar 07

Dear Billie,

I want to thank you again for all that you and Nan did to make this show
possible and such a success. You both put so much into it. From what I heard and
saw (photos) the opening night was terrific. I just wish I could have been
there. The Gallery is very nice and everything was beautifully displayed. I loved
seeing all the work, such terrific pieces, and I got to see your work, which
is lovely. I am honored to be a part of it all, apart from the sentimental
value of being a part of the first NCECA Clayart Show, it was so nice to be in the
company of so many wonderful potters.

Thank you again for everything.

I hope that all will go well for you and your husband, and that you are
feeling better. I am sure being at NCECA must have been rather exhausting, but I
hope you have recovered from all the activity.

All my best wishes.


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