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updated tue 20 mar 07


Veena Raghavan on sun 18 mar 07

Going to NCECA this year was a wonderful experience, as have been my two
previous NCECA's.

Being there this year had the added fulfillment of being part of the first
Clayart NCECA Cyberclay Show. It was wonderful. I want to thank Billie and Nan
for taking all the trouble to make this Show possible, for all their work in
making the arrangements, coordinating everything, and starting what could be a
wonderful Clayart tradition. A lovely gallery, a beautiful poster, great
postcards, and, from what I gather a terrific and successful opening night. I am
only sorry I could not be there for that event.

Thank you, Dolita and Mel, for your choice of hotel. The Gault House was
delightful, attractive, and comfortable, with a very friendly and helpful staff.

For me, the highlight of NCECA is Clayart. Getting to meet so many lovely
people, being able to talk about so many clay-related and unrelated subjects is
always a shot in the arm. There are too many people to mention, but I loved
very moment. I met old friends, and got to know more Clayart buds. The mug
exchange is always such fun, and I was very honored that tthat wonderful man got my
contribution. I will not say who it was, just that I was so happy that it
found such a good home.

The pottery display in the Clayart Room was a great addition to the Clayart
experience, with some truly lovely work. I did not have the gall to ask if
anyone wanted to trade, although I fell in love with more than one piece.

I hope Mel loved his bud vases and took them home to cherish! I am sorry that
I did not get to see Wayne's although he very kindly did describe it to me in
detail. Thank you, Sue Beach, for putting it up on your blog for us to see.
It was quite something. Now, Mel, I hope that you appreciate the beauty of bud

I kept looking for Joyce to say Hi, as I had not realized that she was not
going to be there. We missed you Joyce!

I got my Clayart T-shirt, for which, thanks for doing a great job, Logan.

I was exhausted every day, but it was well worth all the running around. I
spent too much money in the vendors' area, but that was only to be expected. I
got to meet both Tom Coleman and Tom Turner and discuss their respective
porcelains, which was very interesting and educational.

I was also delighted to finally meet Phil Poburka, with whom I have
corresponded and with whom I have had long discussions on the phone. His tools are a
delight, for those who have not tried them.

To end this overlong tale, the final thrill was to have won the little test
kiln in the raffle. I have been lusting for one, and now, well, talk about
icing on MY cake!

Thank you NCECA Clayart folks for making my experience even richer than in
previous years.

Thank you, again, Mel, for everything.

Love to you all.