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nceca: has anybody seen my gal?

updated tue 20 mar 07


Joyce & Darrell on sun 18 mar 07

Home safe and sound even with a snow flurry in St. Louis. Good
conference but with a small down. My small nude body from the
clayart room show went missing. Was it mischief or was it malice? I
fear she was kidnapped by horse thieves (as in "just horsing
around"). Anyway, if the person or persons involved are holding her
for ransom, she is definitely (to me) worth the price of return
postage reimbursement . The foxy lady was part of a larger group
tableau that pokes a little gentle fun at the marketing of body
enhancement through surgical augmentation or reduction.

If someone would please just let me know what happened to the piece,
even if it is an embarrassment to me, I would appreciate the
response. I know that clayart people are not mean, but believe me, I
came home from an otherwise much looked forward to event with a very
bad aftertaste.

Respond on or off line or via postal: Joyce Kimball, 22101 Stewart
Road, Sedalia, MO 65301