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lamp fittings suppliers.

updated wed 21 mar 07 on tue 20 mar 07

Does any one know where to get push in fasteners for lamp fittings?=20
'Specialist Lampfitting Suppliers' in the UK are no longer selling=20
them, (their supplier went bust), and we don't know where else to get=20
them. The push in fastener is a white plastic fitting with tapered=20
plastic fins sticking out of the side, slightly in a spiral, which can=20
be pushed into a 3/4 inch diameter lampbase neck. The brass electrical=20
parts then push into the top of the plastic fastener, and the wire=20
comes down through the plastic fastener and so down through the inside=20
of the ceramic lamp base, invisibly. They used to sell them with the=20
brass metal parts and plastic part already joined. Any suggestions?=20
Many thanks,

Ama Menec, Totnes, Devon, UK.


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