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nceca pics-mine,ones i took, will not read or write

updated wed 21 mar 07


Megan Mason on tue 20 mar 07

I also have a lot of photos to share but just had put Photoshop Elements
5 [on top of Picassa ]on my computer and something strange happened- my
computer made the source, from which to take the images off, limited to an old
scanner and a child microscope program and not the drives for USB , discs nor
media cards.It does not recognize the camera's sd 2 gig cards now !!!! Of
Course, ALL my NCECA images are on them.

I am computer ignorant and cannot fix it ,no matter how I try to get them
off.The card is ok and the images are in it and I can see them on review.The
computer is a pc Sony VIO with dvd and cd write and read.They will not read
on the computer ,at all, to load to it or write to discs.

If anyone can give an easy to understand fix I will post photos too.I got
the demonstrators and a couple close by gallery shows that were great. I
forgot to take the camera out when a number of my favorite people were in my
presence as I was so happy to see them I forgot any camera but you know who you
are and you all made me a happy clam and seeing yopu all was a delight and I
am so sorry I missed so many,too.

Meg aka Margaret

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