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nceca passing the torch

updated fri 23 mar 07


Donna J.S. Causland on thu 22 mar 07

Dear Clayarters:
Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our panel - Studio Potters.
Thank you for all of the kind comments and positive feedback.
Our panel was truly born on clayart. After the post- Portland conversations
about how there was not much info of interest to studio potters on the
I volunteered to help whoever knew how to do that type of thing.
Well.....darling Marcia Selsor said," Do it yourself, girl".
(Sometimes you just need that well placed kick in the butt.)
So I jumped in with both feet and figured I'd get it figured out.
It was an incredible experience for me. It was alot of work and constantly
on my mind for the previous 11 months. I shared David Finkilnberg's pre-
presentation "concerns". Will the lights and the sound work right?
With just a minor glitch or two, all went well.

I was so happy to see just how many clayarters were presenting valuable
information geared to us "working folk". In addition to helping other
improve their business practices, it is my hope that this information will
students an insight into alternatives to following the MFA/teaching path.
30 years ago my teachers told me that you can't make a living as a potter.
Numerous students I spoke with in Louisville said they are hearing the same

So I am passing the torch to my fellow clayarters to continue presenting
kind of information at NCECA. Those who presented this year cannot present
again for two years, I think. So I encourage you to submit proposals
I am sort of a quiet person with a soft voice, if I can do it, you can do
Let's keep the Clayart momentum going at NCECA.

Thanks again,
Donna Causland