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nceca podcast and "no raku?"

updated sat 24 mar 07


primalmommy on fri 23 mar 07

I haven't checked this out yet, but the NCECA podcast is apparently at

Also, just a note to folks who have written to express dismay that we
don't do raku at EMU:
The way I see it, college programs specialize, just like restaurants do.
The profs bring their strengths and dislikes with them, and if the
program thrives, it gets a reputation for that strength (ie: functional

If I am craving sushi, I won't pick a Mexican restaurant. If I was in
love with raku, I would have applied to Piepenberg's program, another
half hour down the road: he's a marvelous man and his program makes very
exciting work.

While I think it's nice for ceramics programs to provide a wide range of
approaches and techniques, I'm not sure any program can try to do
everything and not spread itself too thin. I've had the luxury of a lot
of years and a lot of workshops to try this and that, and there's a
whole lifetime more of things I haven't tried. What I have learned so
far in school, though, is that I could spend two years of focused energy
and not master a plate, bowl and cup, much less a teapot -- so I am
trying hard to sit on my ADD attention span and stay focused. Too many
choices just boggle me.

My dream restaurant would only have three things on the menu ;0)

Kelly in Ohio, at the library while two kids are at piano and a third
browsing teen fiction... then off pick up slides and stop at the bank,
then to walk laps while the kids do homeschool sports at the rec center,
then saxophone lessons, then home for family house-cleaning and laundry
and what-the-heck-is-for-dinner. Still worrying over the sound I heard
in the quiet kitchen, this morning, while having my coffee... it sounded
a lot like the mumbledy-squeak of baby raccoons in my kitchen ceiling...

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