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updated sat 24 mar 07


Noel Gilliam on fri 23 mar 07

Hi All,

As a newbie to NCECA this year, everything was wonderful, evern better than I expected......the venders, the exhibits, the programs, the demonstrations but most of all THE PEOPLE. I felt like I had walked into a big family reunion and everyone was related! What fun it was to see in person clayarters that I felt I knew from lurking these past years!

A few things really stood out for me...
Billie's and Nan's Janjoba exhibit .
Being high bidder for Mayssan's platter.
Seeing Vince walking again.
Getting David Henley's autograph!
Meeting all those Clayarters in person...what wonderful people...and they didn't know me from Adam..
Putting my work out with 'the best of them' and not being too embarrassed.
Bonnie asking me to 'trade'.
Mel signing my book and telling me to read why would I buy it if I wasn't going to read it???
Meeting Taylor and realizing he is not as sassy as he sometime appears on Clayart, but a real sweetheart! ;-)
Meeting a nice person Friday night who said I needed "someone to chase me around my newly renovated kitchen" (Wish that nice person would contact me off clayart!! ) ;-)
Meeting Lisa Skeen and two minutes later getting her vase in the cup exchange.
Dinner at Saffron's, twice.
BUT THE VERY BEST OF ALL, WAS DAVID HENDLEY GETTING MY CUP EXCHANGE!!!! He may hide it away....but I know where it is!! ;-)

What a trip!!!

Can't wait until next year to see all ya' all again!

Noel, in sunny, 80* Georgia

Noel Gilliam
Chattahoochee Hill Country
Palmetto, Georgia 30268