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updated tue 27 mar 07


Logan Johnson on fri 23 mar 07

Hi Gang ,

Now that I'm back in the land of the living (mostly) after a monster cold that kicked my (more than ample) rear end this whole week & completely took away my voice I have a few other leftovers from the Clayart room that were never picked up in my room that I'm sure the owners would like to have back.
#1 : A white bottle with a "Budweiser" label
#2 : A sm. vase with green crystal glaze on top & maroon-ish glaze on the bottom 1/2.
#3 : A brown/amber with yellow flecks cylinder with a flared top with two bird tracks below to the signature also, there was a Gail Phillips card inside but the sig. starts with an "M"
#4: The owner of a piece left a Saffron's has already contacted me.

I'm going to try to put a pic of them on flicker but since I've never done that I'm not sure how successful I'll be, that's a bit advanced for a box o' rocks brain like mine. So , if you think one of the pieces might be yours you can also email me off list & I'll send you a pic. privately.

It sure is nice to be able to answer the phone again!

Logan Johnson
Yakima Valley Pottery & Supply
719 w. Nob Hill blvd.
Yakima Wa. 98902
(509) 469-6966

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William & Susan Schran User on fri 23 mar 07

On 3/23/07 4:00 PM, "Logan Johnson" wrote:

> #2 : A sm. vase with green crystal glaze on top & maroon-ish glaze on the
> bottom 1/2.

That's my bud vase for Mel.
I had put it in his mug, but I guess somebody had removed it.

At some point would you please send it to him?
Let me know what the postage is.

William "Bill" Schran

Sandy miller on mon 26 mar 07

Hi Logan,
the amber bud vase was also ment for mel....... little bird tracks on the bottom.
don't want it back! pass it on......